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Anna Abshire the owner of Self Care Yoga & Wellness. She is a RYT 500 Adaptive Therapeutic Yoga teacher and also a registered Aroma Yoga teacher.

Anna has practiced yoga on and off since high school. And noticed that every time she was away from yoga how her body had an urge for it. It wasn’t until she began to practice more frequently that she noticed how much better it made her feel when she was practicing not only for her physically but mentally as well. Anna said she had found her true self. And when adding essential oils to her practice she has found that she can deepen her yoga practice even more.

Her hope is to help others feel comfortable in their own body and to listen to what their body is telling them.

Anna teaches yoga around the Hill Country area and from her yoga studio Self Care Yoga & Wellness both in person and virtually. Her most popular class is Aroma Yoga and Mommy & me where she has incorporated her book Breathing Through The Chakras With The Help Of Essential Oils, in her classes to help children become more connected with their Chakras and the nature that is around them. Anna is also very passionate about the holistic life and that’s why she uses and helps promote Young Living Essential oil products & Nature’s Ultra CBD because they are as close as you can get from nature.

She is also a Brand Partner for Savvi Athleisure. Comfortable everyday clothing to work out in or just wear comfortably whatever the occasion.

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Anna Abshire with Self Care Yoga & Wellness

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